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Patrick Hartley CSIRO

Patrick Hartley
Dr. Patrick Hartley is the leader of Fuels and Products research theme within the Energy Research Flagship at CSIRO, Australia.

The theme comprises 40 scientists focussing on research and development leading to new technologies for transforming Australia’s energy and biomass resources into fuels and products.

Dr. Hartley’s scientific background is in colloid and interface science and its application to the development of products and processes for biomedical, energy production, energy transport and energy transformation applications.

Dr. Hartley was awarded his PhD in 1994 from Imperial College, London, and subsequently moved to the University of Melbourne, Australia to pursue research within the Advanced Minerals Processing research centre.

Since moving to CSIRO in 1998, he has held numerous research management roles, most recently as director of CSIRO’s Petroleum and Geothermal Research portfolio.


Dr. Hartley has received a number of awards, including CSIRO Medal for Business Excellence in 2009, the CSIRO Medal in 2004 and the Grimwade Prize in Industrial Chemistry, University of Melbourne, 2004. He was chair of the Colloids and Surface Chemistry Division of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute from 2005 to 2007. He has served as CSIRO’s Councillor to the Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Education since 2011.