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Rudi Heydenrich Sasol

rudi heydenrich 2011 ld webRudi Heydenrich is Executive of New Business Development at Sasol.

Rudi joined Sasol Technology in 1988 after spending six years as a chemical engineer with the South African Atomic Energy Corporation and a short stay with Armscor. Involved in the process design and implementation of Fischer-Tropsch technology since 1988, he became the Lead Process Engineer for the first commercial Advanced Synthol Unit commissioned in Secunda in 1995.

From 1997, he served as Fischer-Tropsch Technology Manager and, from 2003, as General Manager for Technology. In 2005, he was appointed Managing Director for Sasol Synfuels International and, in 2007, Executive Manager of Sasol Technology before joining Sasol Canada in 2011 as President for New Business Development. He has served in his present position since February, 2013.

Rudi graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) at the University of Pretoria, in 1983, and, in 1987, got a Master in Chemical Engineering at the University of Potchefstroom and became Registered Professional Engineer of the South African Council for Engineering.

Rudi Heydenrich received the 2011 Word CTL Award.