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Zhang Jiming

Zhang Jiming World CTXZhang Jiming is Vice President of Shenhua Group.

Zhang Jiming started his career in the petrochemical industry, where he has worked for more than 20 years in the operation and management of ethylene plant and hydro-cracking unit.

He joined Shenhua in 2003, where he initiated the founding work of the Direct Coal Liquefaction (DCL) plant. He then undertook the pre-production work and startup of Shenhua’s DCL-based Process Development Unit (PDU) in Shanghai started in 2004. He became fully involved in the construction of DCL project. From 2007, Zhang Jiming was in command of the operation of Ordos DCL plant which started in December, 2008.

He became Vice President of China Shenhua Coal to Liquid & Chemical Company and General Manager of its Ordos Coal Liquefaction Branch and further President of China Shenhua Coal to Liquid & Chemical.

He got his engineer degree from Liaoning Petrochemical School in 1985.


Zhang Jiming received the World CTX Award in 2010.