Best answer: Which biome has the highest level of biodiversity?

Tropical forests have the highest biodiversity and primary productivity of any of the terrestrial biomes.

In which biome is the highest biodiversity found quizlet?

What is the definition of biodiversity? Which biome has the most biodiversity? the rainforest because it is located near the equator and has a perfect climate for a variety of organisms.

Which biome has the highest biodiversity lowest?

Tropical rainforests are found in equatorial regions (Figure (PageIndex{1})) are the most biodiverse terrestrial biome. The biome in North America that has the lowest biodiversity is the Arctic tundra biome. Tropical rainforests are the most diverse terrestrial biome.

Which pair of biomes has a high level of biodiversity?

Of the the following biomes, coral reefs and tropical rainforests have extremely high biodiversity.

Which of the following has the highest biodiversity?

Brazil. It is the country with the greatest biodiversity of flora and fauna on the planet. Brazil has the highest number of species of known mammals and freshwater fish, and more than 50,000 species of trees and bushes, it takes first place in plant diversity.

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Which biome has the highest biodiversity the lowest why?

Tropical forests are widely considered to have the greatest species diversity of the terrestrial biomes and the tundra biome has the least.

Which habitat exhibits the greatest biodiversity?

Specifically, biodiversity of land species is greatest in tropical forests and marine diversity is greatest along coral reefs.

Which region has least biodiversity?

The arctic regions of the world have the least biodiversity because plants don’t survive in the extreme cold and ice that cover these regions year-round. However, life does exist in the arctic regions, mostly affiliated with the seas that surround them.

What two biomes have the most diverse biomass?

The most diverse biomass is found in the tropical rain forests and the ocean (although it said desert).

Which has more biodiversity a rainforest or a desert?

Both biomes have warm climates, but the desert is very dry, and the rainforest is very wet. The desert has very few organisms, so it has low biodiversity. … In contrast, the rainforest has the highest biodiversity of any biome on Earth.

What is the largest land biome?

The boreal forest (or “taiga”) is the world’s largest land biome.

Which countries has the highest biodiversity?

5 of the Most Biodiverse Countries in the World

  1. Brazil. Brazil is considered THE most biodiverse country on the planet – where one-tenth of the world’s overall species call home. …
  2. China. …
  3. Peru. …
  4. Mexico. …
  5. Ecuador.

Where one can find maximum biodiversity?

Coral reefs have the highest biodiversity with its macrobiota representing about 4-5% of the described global biota.

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Why does Brazil have the highest biodiversity?

Brazil has over 55% of native vegetation cover and 15% of the planet’s freshwater. Such biodiversity reinforces the importance of conservation policies and the sustainable use of biomes. Pollution, deforestation, and overexploitation are responsible for reducing the planet’s biodiversity.