How do these winds affect the climate of India?

How does these winds affect the climate of India?

Air pressure and surface winds: India lies in the region of north easterly winds. … As these winds blow over the warm ocean, they gather moisture and bring rainfall in the country. Distance form the Sea: Since coastal areas experience the effect of the land and the sea breeze, they have a moderate kind of climate.

How do wind affect the climate of the place?

Wind carries moisture into an atmosphere, as well as hot or cold air into a climate which affects weather patterns. Therefore, a change in wind results in a change of weather. … Wind travels from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure. Additionally, heat and pressure cause the wind to shift direction.

How do they affect the climate of India?

Latitude, attitude, pressure and winds are factors that influence the India’s climate. The Tropic of Cancer passes through the middle of the country from the Rann of Kuchchh in the west to Mizoram in the east. … These winds originate from the subtropical high-pressure belt of the northern hemisphere.

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How does pressure and winds affect the climate of India Class 9?

In winters, high-pressure areas develop over the north of Himalayas. Hence, cold, dry winds blow from the Himalayas towards the low-pressure areas over the oceans in the south. … Since these winds move over the warm ocean, they carry a large amount of moisture leading to widespread rainfall.

How latitude affect India’s climate?

The latitudes near the equator receives sun heat quickly than latitudes far from the equator. So the latitudes near the equator experience hot temperature and latitudes far from the equator (poles) experience cool temperature.

How does wind and pressure affect climate?

The Earth’s average pressure patterns and resulting winds influence climate patterns by: advecting temperature and moisture. causing areas of surface convergence and divergence.

How do winds influence the climate of a place Brainly?

Answer: The winds affect the climate because they create the way hot and cold air is moved around. Wind currents can push warm or cold air in the direction of the currents. They can even push storms in the direction the current is flowing.

How do winds affect weather give example?

Wind is one of the main factors the weather and climate. As an example, the wind can let the water vapors and other constituents in the atmosphere flow, and it can cause rain afterward. As an example, the rain occurs because of the flowing of wind in the atmosphere.

How does wind and air masses affect climate?

When winds move air masses, they carry their weather conditions (heat or cold, dry or moist) from the source region to a new region. When the air mass reaches a new region, it might clash with another air mass that has a different temperature and humidity. This can create a severe storm.

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How pressure and winds affect India’s climate?

Pressure and Winds

During winter, the northern area near the Himalayas has high pressure. Therefore, winds from this region blow to the south where the pressure is lower. In summer, the northern part has lower pressure. … These winds greatly affect the climate of India.

What are the five factors that affect the climate of India?

Explain any 5 factors that affect the climate of India

  • Latitude.
  • Altitude.
  • Pressure and winds.
  • Distance from sea.
  • Ocean current.

What factors affect climate of India Class 10?

Climate of India: 10 Factors which Influence the Climate of India

  • Location and Latitudinal Extent: …
  • Distance from the Sea: …
  • The Northern Mountain Ranges: …
  • Physiography: …
  • Monsoon Winds: …
  • Upper Air Circulation: …
  • El-Nino Effect: …
  • La Nina:

What are the controls affecting the climate of India Class 9?

Answer: (i) The controls affecting the climate of India are: latitude, altitude, pressure and wind system, distance from the sea, ocean currents and relief features.

How do North East trade winds affect the climate of India?

During the winter season, North-East trade winds prevail over India. They blow from land to sea and that is why that for most part of the country, it is a dry season. … They gather moisture which causes rainfall in the Coromandal coast while the rest of the country remains dry.