What type of climatic conditions prevail in Bhopal?

What type of climate is in Bhopal?

Bhopal has a humid subtropical climate, with cool, dry winters, a hot summer and a humid monsoon season.

Which type of climate is Madhya Pradesh?

Madhya Pradesh has a subtropical climate with three distinct seasons: winter (December to February), summer (March to May) and the rainy season (June to October). In winter, the mean minimum temperature is 10°C, though it can drop as low as 1°C and rise to a mean maximum temperature of 25°C.

What are the climate condition prevailing in India?

India hosts two climatic subtypes- tropical monsoon climate, tropical wet and dry climate that fall under this group. 1) The most humid is the tropical wet climate—also known as tropical monsoon climate—that covers a strip of southwestern lowlands abutting the Malabar Coast, the Western Ghats, and southern Assam.

How do you describe climatic conditions?

The simplest way to describe climate is to look at average temperature and precipitation over time. Other useful elements for describing climate include the type and the timing of precipitation, amount of sunshine, average wind speeds and directions, number of days above freezing, weather extremes, and local geography.

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Does Bhopal have moderate climate?

Answer:- Bhopal has a moderate climate.

What is special in Bhopal?

The Top 10 Things To See & Do In Bhopal

  • Sair Sapata. …
  • Taj-ul-Masajid. …
  • National Museum of Mankind. …
  • Regional Science Centre. …
  • Sanchi Stupa. …
  • Bharat Bhavan. …
  • Bhopal Ropeway.

How many climate zones are there in Madhya Pradesh?

11 agro-climatic zones are there in Madhya Pradesh. The State is divided into 11 agro-climatic regions and 5 crop zones. Bhopal is the capital Madhya Pradesh.

Which type of climate is found in Malwa plateau?

General Statistics:

Temprature Min.Temp. upto 0 C.
RainFall Range mm. 1000 To 1200
Soil Type Medium black gravelley.
Name Of District ShivpuriGuna, Ratlam, Ujjain, North part of Jhabua, Dhar, Indore & Dewas

Which is the hottest place in MP?

NAGPUR/BHOPAL: Khargone, which has consistently been the hottest town in Madhya Pradesh all summer, was on Friday the hottest in the world. The temperature here was a scorching 47 degrees, the Met department in Bhopal said.

Which state in India has the best climate?


Lying at an elevation of 505 meters from sea level, Hyderabad offers a particularly attractive climate through the year which mote or less remains consistent. The moderate rains bring in the respite from the heat in summers and make Hyderabad one of the best weather cities in India.

What are the 4 types of climate in India?

In fact, there are four major and broad climatic conditions in India:

  • Tropical wet.
  • Tropical dry.
  • Subtropical humid.
  • Montane.

Which will prevail in India during the rainy season?

Answer: In India, rains occur in winter due to the North East Monsoon. During the winter season, North-East trade winds prevail over India.

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What type of climate does Punjab have?

The climate of Punjab is tropical, semi-arid, hot and subtropical monsoon type.

What are examples of climatic conditions?

Climatic Conditions means weather conditions at the Big Stone Site or at the principal facilities where the Work is to be performed, including temperature, wind, hurricane forces, microbursts, precipitation (rain, snow, ice, hail, flooding), and lightning which, based on weather data for such locations during the ten ( …

What are 5 types of weather?

There are five types of weather: sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy, and stormy.