You asked: How would you describe a garbage dump?

A garbage dump is a place where waste material is left.

What’s another word for a garbage dump?

What is another word for garbage dump?

junkyard landfill
sanitary landfill rubbish tip
dump slag heap
dumping ground rubbish heap
refuse dump refuse tip

What do you call a dump?

You can also call a dump a “landfill,” but dump makes sense — it comes from the verb dump, “to toss, drop, or throw away.” A figurative meaning of the word is to abruptly and unkindly break off a romantic relationship with someone: “It would be so mean to dump him on his birthday.” Definitions of dump.

What happens to garbage at dumps?

Landfills are not designed to break down waste, only to store it, according to the NSWMA. But garbage in a landfill does decompose, albeit slowly and in a sealed, oxygen-free environment. … Much of the trash that ends up in landfills can also be recycled or reused in other ways.

What is a smart word for dumb?

adjective. unintelligent, brainless, dense, dim, dumb (informal), half-witted, moronic, obtuse, simple, simple-minded, slow, slow-witted, thick.

What is a better word for dumb?

In this page you can discover 59 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for dumb, like: stupid, blockheaded, moronic, senseless, unintelligent, foolish, dull, feeble-minded, dense, idiotic and ignorant.

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What do British people call a dump?

And if we’re talking about number twos (itself a mutual euphemism), the British have a mountain of phrases: arsefire; download a brownload; downing the brown; having a poo; dropping a bomb; growing a tail; laying a brick; slopping gruel in Oliver’s bowl; spray-painting the porcelain; and the unfortunately named …

What is dump slang?

noun Vulgar Slang An act of defecating. Often used with take.

Is dump a bad word?

An unpleasant, dirty, disreputable, unfashionable, boring or depressing looking place. This place looks like a dump. Don’t feel bad about moving away from this dump. (vulgar, slang, often with the verb “take”, euphemistic) An act of defecation; a defecating.

Why is landfill bad?

a major source of pollution, and there are many negative issues associated with them. Rubbish buried in landfill breaks down at a very slow rate and remains a problem for future generations. The three main problems with landfill are toxins, leachate and greenhouse gases.

What is the difference between landfill and dump?

A dump is an excavated piece of land used as storage for waste materials while a landfill is also an excavated piece of land for waste storage but it is regulated by the government. 2. A dump is smaller than a landfill. … A dump does not have leachate collection and treatment systems while a landfill does.

How do you call someone dumb in a nice way?

‘Dunderhead’ and Other ‘Nicer’ Ways to Say Stupid

  1. Dunderheaded. Definition: being a dunderhead. …
  2. Anserine. Definition: stupid, silly. …
  3. Blinkard. Definition: a stupid, slow-witted, or obtuse person. …
  4. Ignoration. Definition: complete or utter ignorance. …
  5. Addlepated. …
  6. Nescient. …
  7. Bêtise. …
  8. Stupid.
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Is moron a bad word?

The terms idiot, imbecile, moron, and their derivatives were formerly used as technical descriptors in medical, educational, and regulatory contexts. These uses were broadly rejected by the close of the 20th century and are now considered offensive.

What is the opposite of dump?

Near Antonyms for dump. hook up (with), take.