Best answer: What are jet streams describe their influence on the climate of India?

(i) Jet streams are cold fast blowing winds that develop in the upper layers of the atmosphere. (ii) They influence the climate of India as the westerly jet stream prevails over the North Indian Plains during the winter months, while the easterly jet stream steers the tropical depression over India.

How do the jet streams influence the climate of a place?

Jets streams play a key role in determining the weather because they usually separate colder air and warmer air. Jet streams generally push air masses around, moving weather systems to new areas and even causing them to stall if they have moved too far away.

What are jet streams Class 9 short answer?

Answer: Jet Streams are a narrow belt of high altitude (above 12,000 m) westerly winds in the troposphere. Their speed varies from about 110 km/h in summer to about 184 km/h in winter. … The most constant is the mid-latitude and subtropical jet stream.

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What is jet stream class 10th?

Jet streams are winds that blow horizontally from west to east at a high speed near the tropopause and the stratosphere. These are high speed winds which influence the weather and climatic conditions of the region over which they blow.

What are jet streams and how they affect the climate of India UPSC?

Jet Streams develop where air masses of differing temperatures meet. So, usually surface temperatures determine where the Jet Stream will form. Greater the difference in temperature, faster is the wind velocity inside the jet stream. Jet Streams extend from 20 degrees latitude to the poles in both hemispheres.

What is a jet stream weather?

Jet streams are relatively narrow bands of strong wind in the upper levels of the atmosphere. The winds blow from west to east in jet streams but the flow often shifts to the north and south. Jet streams follow the boundaries between hot and cold air. … The earth’s rotation is responsible for the jet stream as well.

How do jet streams influence the weather Brainpop?

TIM: Jet streams can move big chunks of air and really affect weather. A jet stream moves quickly over Tim’s head as he stands on a shore. TIM: Trade winds are mild, constant winds that blow toward the equator from the northeast or southeast.

How do jet streams influence Indian monsoons?

The Sub-Tropical Jet stream plays a significant role in both hindering the monsoon winds as well as in quick onset of Indian monsoons. During winter season the upper air westerly jet streams are positioned in Asia. … This event may well be the trigger that sets off the ‘burst’ of the monsoon.

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How jet stream affect the climate of a place Class 9?

In summer the western jet streams shift to the north of the Himalayas creating a low pressure region over Indian Peninsula which forces the monsoon (moisture laden) winds from the south to cause rainfall. The tropical jet stream blows over the Indian Peninsula; approximately over 14° north during the summer months.

What is jet stream Class 11?

What is a jet stream? A very strong and steady westerly wind blowing just below the tropopause.

What are the jet streams Class 9?

Jet streams are fast flowing narrow meandering air currents found in the atmosphere of some planets including earth. The westerly flows are responsible for the western disturbances experienced in the north and north western parts of the country.

What are the controls affecting the climate of India how do jet streams affect the climate of India?

Answer: (i) The controls affecting the climate of India are: latitude, altitude, pressure and wind system, distance from the sea, ocean currents and relief features. (ii) The climate of India is strongly influenced by monsoon winds. … (v) Jet streams are a narrow belt of high-altitude winds in the troposphere.

What is jet stream in geography?

Jet streams are currents of air high above the Earth. They move eastward at altitudes of about 8 to 15 kilometers (5 to 9 miles). They form where large temperature differences exist in the atmosphere. … Air currents flow in the atmosphere, the layers of air surrounding the Earth.

What are the effects of jet streams in India?

The easterly jet stream steers the tropical depressions into India. These depressions play a significant role in the distribution of monsoon rainfall over the Indian subcontinent. The tracks of these depressions are the areas of highest rainfall in India.

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What are jet streams explain their movement during winter and summer months in India?

Jet streams affect the climate of India. They help in bringing the Western Disturbances to north and north-western parts of India. Western Disturbances cause much needed winter rains over the north and north-westem parts of India and snowfall in the mountains.

Where do jet streams flow in India?

Seasonal Migration of Sub-Tropical Jet Stream – STJ

In winter STJ flows along the southern slopes of the Himalayas but in summer it shifts northwards, rather dramatically, and flows along the northern edge of Himalayas in early June and in late summer (July-August) along the northern edge of the Tibetan Plateau.