Quick Answer: Are Aesop tubes recyclable?

We often select aluminium for its versatility, and its environmental credentials—it is a readily and infinitely recyclable packaging material. A number of our products are packaged in aluminium tubes, allowing for convenient and controlled dispensing in lightweight formats ideal for travel.

Are Aesop products recyclable?

Aesop utilises Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), including recycled PET in our plastic packaging. Since 2019, Aesop has worked to transition over 80 per cent of our PET bottles to greater than 97 per cent post-consumer recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET), which has been sourced locally in Australia.

Are Aesop bottles glass or plastic?

A great number of our products are packaged in pharmaceutical-grade amber glass, as many formulations contain a high concentration of active botanical extracts, the stability of which cannot be guaranteed if they are housed in plastic.

Can I return Aesop bottles?

AESOP Aesop: Rinse and Return

Customers are invited to return empty aluminium tubing, and glass or plastic containers from any brand to Aesop Raffles City, where it will be transferred for recycling.

Are Aesop bottles glass?

The bottles are made of traditional amber glass (or in this case, sustainable plastic), to protect against UV degradation and prolong the integrity of their specialist blends (while minimising the need for preservatives).

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Is Aesop packaging plastic?

Our products are predominately housed in aluminium, glass and recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET) plastic. We often select aluminium for its versatility, and its environmental credentials—it is a readily and infinitely recyclable packaging material.

Is Aesop sustainable?

We are on a journey of reducing our footprint on a planet that generously sustains us while formulating products of the highest quality and efficacy. We have never tested our products or ingredients on animals, and we do not use animal-derived ingredients such as beeswax, honey or lanolin in our formulations.

What can you do with Aesop bottles?

Should you not have an ongoing use for your Aesop container, and have access to recycling services, we recommend separating components and placing any unwanted Aesop glass, aluminum, carboard and recycled PET containers into municipal recycling bins or alternative local container recovery systems, as these items are …

What are Aesop bottles made out of?

As of 2020, 70% of Aesop plastic bottles are made from a minimum of 97% recycled PET. Aesop also continues to take climate action and target net zero carbon emissions, which in 2019 led to the offsetting of 10,550 tones of carbon emissions.

Does Aesop refill?

We are committed to establishing practices that eliminate waste and support the continued use of our packaging. To this end, our Packaging team are continuing to research refill and circular solutions that demonstrate a tangible environmental benefit while also maintaining product quality.

Who designed Aesop packaging?

Beatrice Preston Zly, Product Packaging Designer at Aēsop.

What is Aesop worth?

Whether it’s the morality, or the marketing, or the product, or a combination of all three, something is working: Aesop is now a global grooming superpower with 200 standalone stores, and more in the works, and revenue that totals more than $270m (£203.5m).

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What is so great about Aesop?

Everything about their design philosophy is utilitarian at best. … Other contributing factors that make Aesop products great is that they don’t contain colourants, mineral oils, animal derivative, silicones, parabens and almost no synthetic fragrance compounds (save for a couple of products their perfume line).

Is Aesop handwash worth it?

If I go to the ladies’ room and there is Aesop soap, it’s possible it makes my food taste better. That’s how much I love this soap. … The soap is effective (as, I assume, are most), it’s not overly drying, it doesn’t leave any residual stickiness, and it smells really good.