Which river has the most biodiversity?

The Yangtze River Basin has some of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world—from towering mountains and dense forests to fertile wetlands and bustling waterways created by seasonal flooding. The area covers nearly 448 million acres, an area more than four times the size of California.

What is the most biodiverse river?

The Cahaba River is one of the most biodiverse waterways on Earth. It has more species of fish than any other river of its size in North America.It supports 139 rare and imperiled species,including ten fish and mussel species listed under the US Endangered Species Act.

Do rivers have high biodiversity?

River systems are the zone of Earth’s highest biological diversity – and also of our most intense human activity. They reduce water and sediment flows to downstream habitat, and change the nature of a river’s estuary, where many of the world’s fish species spawn. …

Why do rivers have high biodiversity?

River ecosystems are among the most species-rich in temperate regions due to their naturally high habitat heterogeneity and connectivity. Lakes, reservoirs, and other wetlands have an important function for river ecosystems by influencing water quality and quantity within the catchment area.

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Which state is the most biodiversity?

Four states in particular stand out as having exceptional levels of biodiversity as measured by these four factors: California, Hawaii, Texas, and Alabama. California California is a remarkable state biologically, ranking highly in each of these categories.

What is the cleanest river in Tennessee?

1. Big South Fork. Although technically a part of the Cumberland, the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area has earned the right to its own section on the list of cleanest rivers in Tennessee.

Is Alabama the most biodiverse state?

A 2002 report by The Nature Conservancy ranked Alabama No. 5 behind California, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, but Ebersole said deliberate research in recent years to catalog Alabama’s plant and animal species proves Alabama is the most biodiverse state.

What habitats have high biodiversity?

Species diversity is greatest in the tropics, particularly in tropical forests and coral reefs. The Amazon basin in South America has the largest area of tropical forests. The southwestern Pacific has the greatest diver- sity of coral reef species.

Where is the most aquatic biodiversity?

Aquatic biodiversity is greatest in tropical latitudes. For example, an estimated 3,000 species of fish are found in the Amazon River alone. Coral reef habitats also have extremely high biodiversity; nearly a quarter of all known marine species are found in coral reefs.

What is biodiversity in river?

The rich biodiversity of rivers reflects the diversity of environments they flow through (Figure 1.1). River habitat includes aquatic and terrestrial areas, often changing over short distances and timescales owing to the dynamic nature of rivers.

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How do rivers affect the biodiversity?

As the lifeblood of the planet, rivers are teeming with biodiversity. … When healthy, rivers provide many critical ecosystem services that support humans and wildlife. They are vital habitat for freshwater fish, which are an important food source across the world.

What ecosystem are rivers in?

Freshwater Ecosystem. Freshwater is a precious resource on the Earth’s surface. It is also home to many diverse fish, plant, and crustacean species. The habitats that freshwater ecosystems provide consist of lakes, rivers, ponds, wetlands, streams, and springs.

How can rivers increase biodiversity?

River restoration can help support the adaptation of biodiversity in several ways, including: upstream wetland restoration and managed realignment to help increase water storage, planting of riparian trees in order to provide shade and reduce water temperature, and the removal of obstructions to increase connectivity …

Which country has the best biodiversity?

Brazil is the Earth’s biodiversity champion. Between the Amazon rainforest and Mata Atlantica forest, the woody savanna-like cerrado, the massive inland swamp known as the Pantanal, and a range of other terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, Brazil leads the world in plant and amphibian species counts.

Which state has the most species of mammals?

Wyoming has remained wilder than most other U.S. states. Its sagebrush plains, marshy wetlands, rocky foothills and alpine peaks are home to a wide array of bird and animal life, including several large mammal species long since driven out of most of the rest of the United States.

Which state has the most diversity of trees?

Maps of tree species richness of the U.S.

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The most significant number of species of trees grows in the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Liberty County in Florida has the highest tree species richness (138 species) in the United States.