You asked: Which of the following aquatic ecosystems has the greatest amount of biodiversity?

Which of the following ecosystem holds the maximum biodiversity? Coral reefs have the highest biodiversity with its macrobiota representing about 4-5% of the described global biota.

Which aquatic ecosystem has the greatest biodiversity?

Intertidal zones, estuaries, and coral reefs are marine biomes with the highest biodiversity.

Which ecosystems have the greatest amount of biodiversity?

Species richness is greatest in tropical ecosystems. Tropical rain forests on land and coral reefs in marine systems are among the most biologically diverse ecosystems on Earth and have become the focus of popular attention.

Which environment is most likely to have the greatest levels of biodiversity?

With its large geographic extent and range of ecosystems from tundra to tropical forests, the United States has incredibly high levels of biodiversity. Due to its diversity of freshwater and marine ecosystems, the United States ranks particularly high in terms of fish species.

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Where is the most biodiversity found in the ocean?

The ocean contains a wealth of biodiversity, and most of this diversity lives in the sunlit area called the euphotic zone (see Distribution of Life, page 45, for more information).

Which of the following biomes has the greatest biodiversity?

Tropical forests have the highest biodiversity and primary productivity of any of the terrestrial biomes.

Which ecosystem has the greatest biodiversity quizlet?

Which biome has the most biodiversity? the rainforest because it is located near the equator and has a perfect climate for a variety of organisms.

Which has highest biodiversity?

Brazil. It is the country with the greatest biodiversity of flora and fauna on the planet. Brazil has the highest number of species of known mammals and freshwater fish, and more than 50,000 species of trees and bushes, it takes first place in plant diversity.

In which forest the highest biodiversity is found?

Option A: The maximum biodiversity is found in tropical rain forests as they are less seasonal, they are neither too hot nor too cold and are more predictable. Therefore, this is the correct option. These kinds of environments help in promoting niche specialization and also leads to greater species diversity.

Which biome has the highest biodiversity lowest?

Tropical forests are widely considered to have the greatest species diversity of the terrestrial biomes and the tundra biome has the least.

Which ecosystem has high biodiversity low biodiversity?

Estuarine areas (where rivers meet seas and oceans) have high biodiversity compared to other areas. Trophical rainforests are rich in terms of biodiversity. Arid and semiarid areas have low biodiversity. Deserts, for example, contain limited numbers of species.

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Which of the following has the greatest number of ecosystems?

Detailed Solution. The correct answer is Decomposers.

What kind of habitat islands are going to have the greatest biodiversity?

Habitat islands that are larger and closer are going to have the greatest biodiversity because more organisms will come to the island and establish due to how close it is to the mainland and organisms will have an easier time adapting and creating ecosystems due to the large diameter which will therefore lead to more …

How much biodiversity is in the oceans?

Oceans cover 70% of our planet and represent over 95% of the biosphere.

Does the ocean have high biodiversity?

The world’s oceans contain somewhere between 500,000 and 10 million marine species. … Much of the biodiversity in the ocean, particularly in the deep sea and in the microbial ocean, is unknown, and up to 2,000 new species are described per year.

What percent of biodiversity is in the ocean?

Scientists now estimate that 80 percent of Earth’s species live on land, 15 percent in the ocean, and the remaining 5 percent in freshwater.