Your question: What climate is upstate NY?

Generally two types of air masses impact New York state weather: warm and humid air from the southwest and a cold and dry air from the northwest. Upstate New York has warm summers and long and cold winters with significant snowfall. Downstate is warmer and more humid in the summer with cold and wet winters.

Is upstate NY temperate?

Upstate New York is well-known for its cold and snowy winters, particularly in comparison to the more temperate climate of Downstate New York.

What is the weather like in upstate New York?

Climate and Average Weather Year Round in Albany New York, United States. In Albany, the summers are warm and wet, the winters are freezing and snowy, and it is partly cloudy year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 17°F to 83°F and is rarely below -0°F or above 91°F.

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What is the climate usually like in New York?

The climate of New York City features a humid subtropical variety (Cfa), with parts of the city transitioning into a humid continental climate. (Dfa) This gives the city cold, wet winters and hot, humid summers with plentiful rainfall all year round.

Is upstate New York humid?

Upstate New York has some very humid months, with other comfortably humid months. The least humid month is April (52.9% relative humidity), and the most humid month is December (70.5%). Wind in Upstate New York is usually calm. The windiest month is April, followed by March and February.

What counties are considered upstate NY?

It comprises the counties of Steuben, Schuyler, Chemung, Tompkins, Tioga, Broome, Chenango and Delaware on the regional council map. Albany’s working definition of upstate New York is based on what lies outside the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s commuter rail area.

Is White Plains upstate?

Only to a born and bred New York city person would White Plains be considered upstate. To the real world people upstate would be considered around the RTE 90 road going from Albany to Syracuse to Rochester to Buffalo.

What is the average temperature in upstate New York?

Average Temperatures for Albany

Month Low High
Jul 60.0°F 82.2°F
Aug 58.3°F 79.7°F
Sept 49.9°F 71.3°F
Oct 38.8°F 59.7°F

What climate zone is NY?

New York City, after years of being considered a humid continental climate, now sits within the humid subtropical climate zone. The classification requires that summers average above 72 degrees Fahrenheit — which New York’s have had since 1927 — and for winter months to stay above 27 degrees Fahrenheit, on average.

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What is the coldest month of the year in upstate New York?

January is the coldest month in Upstate New York, and also one of the most consistent, temperature-wise. The gap between the average high and low in January in Syracuse is 15.8 degrees, second only to December’s 14 degrees.

What is the most humid month in New York?

Average humidity in New York (New York State)

  • On average, September is the most humid.
  • On average, April is the least humid month.
  • The average annual percentage of humidity is: 63.0%

What are summers like in New York?


Summer is characterized by bright, sunny, hot days and later sunsets, sometimes accompanied by cool breezes in areas near the water. The fall season is chilly and crisp, so it’s wise to wear layers. The winter months are cold and snowy with less daylight, though the sky is often sunny and clear.

What is the hottest temperature in New York?

The hottest day in New York City history was eighty-five years ago last week — on July 9, 1936, when temperatures reached an agonizing 106 degrees, measured from the Central Park weather observatory. This broke the record set on August 7, 1918 when New Yorkers experienced a catastrophic 104 degrees.

Why is Upstate NY so hazy?

According to local weather experts, the bulk of the hazy view is due to smoke wildfires in Canada. This was confirmed by AirNow which reported a smoke plume across the majority of New York, west of the Adirondack Mountains, and many of the states bordering the Great Lakes.

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Why is Upstate NY so cloudy?

“The lakes during the cool season, from September to March, produce so many more clouds.” That’s because cold air blowing across the lakes picks up moisture, and that moisture condenses into water droplets that form clouds, Steiger explained.

Why is it so humid in upstate NY?

The reason for the storminess and heavy rain in Upstate New York, meteorologists say, is that we’re caught between the massive heat dome out West and a stubborn high pressure system in the Atlantic Ocean. Those two systems essentially form the sides of a funnel that channels Gulf of Mexico moisture to the Northeast.