Best answer: Does Kerala have moderate climate?

In Kerala, the climate is moderate the entire year. The hilly areas experience cold climate whereas the plains and coastal areas have a warm climate. Kerala gets rain from two monsoons, the south west and the north east. … It is warm and humid climate during the months March to June.

What type of climate does Kerala have?

Kerala’s climate is mainly wet and maritime tropical, heavily influenced by the seasonal heavy rains brought up by the monsoon.

Why Kerala has a moderate climate?

Temperature remains moderate at places close to the sea. This is because the heating of land causes wind to blow from the sea to land and cooling of land causes wind to blow from land to sea. Kerala is located near the sea. So temperature remains moderate at these places .

Where is moderate climate found in India?

Kolkata has a tropical wet-and-dry climate . Mumbai and Kolkata experience moderate climate because they are on the seashore and lie under the moderating influence of the sea. This option is correct. Option b: The climate in Lucknow is mild, warm and temperate.

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Is Kerala hot or cold?

“God’s own country” Kerala is blessed with a climate of moderate temperatures. During the Indian summer when other states experience temperatures in excess or close to 40 degrees, weather in Kerala remains comparatively cool and pleasant. The plains and the coastal areas have warm weather.

How is summer in Kerala?

Kerala Summer Season (March – June)

The summer season in Kerala begins towards the end of February. The weather is humid in the plains and coastal areas. The temperature remains high throughout the day, even in the night. The average maximum temperature hovers around 35°C, and the minimum temperature is around 28°C.

Why does Thiruvananthapuram have moderate climate?

Thiruvananthapuram has an equable climate because of its closeness to the sea. The sea exerts a moderating impact on the climate of the region. 1) Monsoon has its tendency to have ‘breaks’ in rainfall. 2) Thus, it has wet and dry spells.

What is the geographical features of Kerala?

Kerala is a state located on the South West edge of India. It is a narrow strip of land and lies between the Western Ghats mountain range on the Eastern side and the Arabian Sea on the Western.


Area : 38,863 Sq.Km
Rivers : 44
Longest River : Periyar (244 Km)
Highest Mountain : Anamudi (2695 Metres)

What are the geographical differences between Kerala and Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal Pradesh is a hilly area while Kerala is a coastal area. Both have their own similarities and differences. Both have similar literary rate. Kerala ranked 1st in HDI (Health development index) while H.P ranked 3rd.

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Which states have moderate climate in India?

Moderate Climate Places

  • Pune, Maharashtra. Image by Mukul2u via Wikimedia. Pune in Maharashtra has a myriad mix of people following different cultural and spiritual inclinations. …
  • Gujarat. Image by Capankajsmilyo via Wikimedia. …
  • Lakshadweep, Kerala. Image by Manvendra Bhangui via Wikimedia.

Which state has lowest humidity in India?

Southern India

Place State %
Minicoy Lakshadweep 77
Pamban Island Tamil Nadu 76
Port Blair Andaman & Nicobar 79
Thiruvananthapuram Kerala 78

Which place has moderate climate?

Mumbai experiences moderate climate because of its tropical location. Being located on the coast, it is neither too hot nor too cold; weather is generally humid—places located on the coast experience a moderate climate.

Why is Trivandrum so hot?

“The current hot spell is caused by a high pressure area dominating the southern peninsula. This hampers cloud development. Low humidity levels coupled with a cloud-free atmosphere leads to a rise in the temperature.

Why Kerala is not so cold?

“It is because of the high pressure that is common at this time of the year over the Indian peninsula. The moisture content is zero, there is no humidity. So whatever heat comes to us is reflected back,” says Pradeep John, weatherman, Tamil Nadu. It has nothing to do with global warming, he assures us.

Does Kerala have winter?

how is winter in Kerala? Winter in Kerala starts by the end of November and ends in late February or beginning of March. The temperatures rarely rise above 30°C and it barely rains. The mountainous regions like Wayanad, Munnar and Thekkady can get quite cold, so pack some warmer clothes for the morning and evening.

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