Do you need to remove the lead weights inside tires before recycling them?

Q. What should I do with lead weights that have been removed from a tire for balancing or repair? A. Lead wheel weights should be recycled; recycling facilities can be found in the yellow pages.

Can you scrap wheel weights?

Hence, it is advised to sell your wheel weight scrap to recognized scrap yards. Such yards may accept mixed wheel weights consisting of steel, lead, zinc wheel weights and separate them into respective categories. Separating the scrap into various categories will maximize your profits.

What do you do with lead weights?

Don’t just throw your old lead weights away!! Dispose of them properly at a hazardous waste collection site, or call a local metals recycler who can dispose of them properly. Throwing them out in the trash means that they can still poison our environment!

Are wheel weights made of lead?

Most new cars and light trucks sold in the US feature zinc or steel wheel weights, and all new cars and light trucks sold in the US have been free of lead wheel weights since 2009. Vehicle manufacturers made a significant commitment to phase out this use of lead.

What metals are in wheel weights?

Today, the three most common types of wheel weights in use are made from lead, steel or zinc, and are offered in adhesive or clip-on forms. When deciding which one to use, state regulations, environmental factors, material cost and product fitment are a few factors that play a role.

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What can you do with old tire weights?

Ask your wheel weight supplier if they have a program for recycling the old wheel weights. 2. You may also check with your automotive battery supplier or a local scrap metal recycler. Recycle used lead wheel weights in an environmentally responsible manner.

Are lead wheel weights toxic?

Lead has been used in wheel weights since the 1930s, but it can be highly toxic and has been linked to a wide variety of health hazards throughout all systems of the body. These effects include neurological and behavior problems, especially in children.

What states have lead wheel weights outlawed?

In 2009, it looked like lead wheel weights were destined to become a tire shop memory. … The latest is Maryland, which passed a lead wheel weight law in May 2017. The other states with bans are California, Illinois, Maine, Vermont, Minnesota and New York.

When did they stop using lead in wheel weights?

The automakers no longer use lead weights as original equipment, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency launched a voluntary nationwide initiative in 2008 to stop using lead weights. If the weights fall off tires, lead particles may pose the risk of contaminating surface and ground water supplies.

Are stick on wheel weights pure lead?

‘Stick on’ wheel weights are used on mag wheels where it is not possible to fit a traditional ‘clip on’ variety. ‘Stick ons’ are thick strips of very soft lead, basically pure, marked in weight graduations and adhesive backed.