How does climate affect clothing in India?

In India, climatic variations are wide between different parts of the country and, obviously, the patterns of clothing or garments are also different. … Obviously, the people of the hilly region wear long dress which covers the ankles, wrists and neck, meant only for protection against cold.

How does climate affect clothing?

Climate affects clothing. Cold weather equals more clothing, or at least thicker clothing. It also tends to dictate what sort of animals/crops you can use. Goats are probably more common in warm climates than sheep.

How does weather affect how we dress?

When the weather is cold

– The dressing changes to warm clothing for example clothing made from woollen material and from very heavy material. For example pullovers, sweaters, heavy socks and gloves.

Are traditional clothes related to the climate of the region?

The clothes worn in different regions of the country are different depending on the local climate.

How does location affect clothing?

There are several factors that play a major role in the dressing, the geographical location depicts the types of clothes to be worn as the climate decides the variety required for comfort. … They also wear rain boots as it rains quite often in those places.

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How do climatic condition and tradition influence the clothes worn by people?

Climate determines the clothes worn by people of that arrs because according to the climate clothes should be worn like if climate of that place is hot then people belonging from that place would wear cotton and light colored clothes. … This is the main factor which is governed by climate.

How does the rain affect clothing?

There’s another problem if you leave clothes and towels on the line in heavy rain – they will sag down with the weight of the water and may stretch permanently, never to look the same again. … But Energywise recommends you never dry your clothes indoors because of the moisture build-up.

What weather is it okay to wear a hoodie?

Almost every state on average agrees that hoodie weather is right around 55 to 60 degrees.

Why do the dresses of people depend on the weather?

Explanation: There are different seasons we know namely summer , winter etc. They have different effects on our surrounding area ,weather , atmosphere and habits. So we choose our clothing style according to our comforts , needs since it is human nature to find the best fitting for the situation.

Why does India have different food habits and clothing?

We have different types of food and clothing in India due to differences in geography and climate in different parts of India. For example, in north India, wheat is the most important food item because the climate and soil suits the growth of wheat. … Some parts of India are very hot while other parts are cold.

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Why do people living in different places wear different clothes?

Answer: People living in different regions wear different types of clothes because of the climatic conditions of that region and also according to the cultural aspect.