What is environmental impairment liability insurance?

Definition. Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL) Insurance — a specialized insurance policy that covers liability and sometimes cleanup costs associated with pollution. See also Casualty insurance; Insurance; Liability insurance; Pollution exclusion.

What is an environmental impairment?

Environmental Impairment means Physical Damage to a Property occurring by reason of environmental contamination including, but not limited to, nuclear reaction or radioactive waste, toxic waste, poisoning or pollution of earth or water subjacent to the Property or of the atmosphere above the Property; or similar hazard …

What does an environmental insurance policy cover?

Issue: Environmental insurance (also known as pollution insurance or pollution coverage) provides coverage for loss or damages resulting from unexpected releases of pollutants typically excluded in general liability and property insurance policies.

What does EIL mean for work?


Acronym Definition
EIL Employee Information Line (various companies)
EIL Evolutionary Informatics Lab (Baylor University)
EIL English as a International Language (supplanting ESL and EFL)
EIL Equipment Inventory List

Why do I need environmental insurance?

The purpose of an environmental insurance policy is to fill the insurance coverage gaps created by pollution exclusions in liability and property insurance policies. Because pollution exclusions vary a great deal in property and liability insurance policies, environmental insurance policies vary a great deal as well.

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Do you need environmental insurance?

Pollution liability insurance is needed because it’s excluded from standard commercial general liability policies. Business owners that may face hazardous waste exposure and owners of industrial sites should consider pollution liability insurance.

What is pollution liability insurance coverage?

Pollution Liability Insurance, also commonly referred to as environmental insurance, helps protect businesses from unexpected pollution exposures that may not be covered by standard casualty and property policies. … The way a business manages environmental issues can affect its profitability and reputation.

What is the full meaning of Eil?

English as an international language: a form of English that is used by people whose first languages are not English; also called ELF. If you have high academic English skills, you will not need to take any EIL (English as an International Language) classes.

What does EI mean?

DEFINITIONS1. emotional intelligence: the ability to understand your own feelings and those of other people, and to consider other people’s feelings when making decisions. ‘Applying Emotional Intelligence’ is a must-read for anyone interested in EI and its application.

What does Eul mean?


Acronym Definition
EUL European Union Law
EUL Economic Useful Life
EUL Environmental Unit Leader (USCG)
EUL Estudantina Universitaria de Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal students musical group)

What is ecological insurance?

The purpose of ecological insurance – formation of insurance funds for the prevention of ecological accidents and accidents; the indemnification, caused to legal entities and individuals, owing to environmental pollution; providing conditions of accommodation of the population and functioning of businessmen of all …

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Does umbrella liability cover pollution?

Pollution liability.

Some umbrella policies cover accidental and sudden pollution liability that is typically excluded from general liability policies (but not seepage gradual pollution).