What steps have been taken by our government to protect wildlife in our country?

What are the steps taken by the government to protect the wildlife?

(i) To survey and collect all the information about wildlife, especially, their number and growth. (ii) To protect habitat by protecting forests. (iii) To delimit the areas of their natural habitat. (iv) To protect wildlife from pollution and from natural hazards.

What Indian government has done to protect and conserve wildlife?

The Central government has introduced the Wildlife Protection Act (1972) which among other things provides for creating protected areas that are meant for wildlife protection and also enlists the punishments and penalties to be imposed for hunting of specified fauna specified in the Schedules I to IV thereof in the …

What steps are taken by the government to protect the tigers?

“”#InternationalTigerDay Smart patrolling, notification for five more tiger reserves, aerial surveillance, Economic Valuation of Tiger Reserves are part of the measures being undertaken to protect tiger habitats & conserve its population.

What are the steps taken to conserve wildlife in India?

(vii) To develop game sanctuaries for specific wild animals or for general wildlife. (viii) To make special arrangements to protect those species whose number is very limited. ADVERTISEMENTS: (ix) To develop general awareness at national and international level regarding protection of wildlife.

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Which important step has been taken by the government to protect tiger in India?

Govt.has taken several steps: 1 Bringing out guidelines for tiger safaris . 2 To reduce the pressure of eco-tourism. 3 Protect tiger habitats and conserve their population.

What steps have been taken under the tiger project?

The important thrust areas for the Plan period are:

  • Stepped up protection/networking surveillance.
  • Voluntary relocation of people from core/critical tiger habitat to provide inviolate space for tiger.
  • Use of information technology in wildlife crime prevention.
  • Addressing human wildlife conflicts.

What is Project Tiger What steps have been taken to make it successful?

Project tiger was launched in 1973 in order to check the rapidly dwindling population of tigers in India, and to help conserve this species. 23 Tiger reserve were set up, coupled with conservation techniques like a total ban on hunting and trading in tiger product as well as improvement in habitat.