Which state is the largest producer of e waste in India?

In India, the amount of e-waste generated differs by state. The three states that produce the most e-waste are as follows: Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Other states that produce significant e-waste are Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Delhi, Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab.

Which state is the highest producer of e-waste in India?

In India, among top ten cities, Mumbai ranks first in generating e-waste followed by Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmadabad, Hyderabad, Pune, Surat and Nagpur.

Who is the biggest producer of e-waste?

China is the largest producer of electronic waste worldwide, generating more than 10 million metric tons worth in 2019. This was followed by the United States where roughly seven million metric tons was produced.

Which is the highest contributor of e-waste in India?

A study by KPMG and ASSOCHAM says computer equipment account for almost 70 per cent of e-waste in India, followed by telecom/phones (12 per cent), electrical equipment (8 per cent) and medical equipment (7 per cent). Till now, urban areas have been the biggest contributors to generation of e-waste.

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Which state ranks first in generation of e-waste?

Among the 10 largest e-waste generated states, Maharashtra ranks first followed by Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Delhi, Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab.

Which state of India generates highest per capita waste?

In financial year 2019, the state of Maharashtra in India produced more than 23 thousand metric tons of municipal solid waste per day. It was the maximum amount generated by any state in the country.

Who collects e-waste in India?

It also said that the informal sector controls more than 90% of e-waste collection and handling processes in the country. Not surprisingly, neighbourhood kabadiwala is still the go-to source of waste collection for most people in the country.

Where is e-waste produced?

Asia produced the lion’s share – 24.9 million tonnes – followed by the Americas (13.1 million tonnes) and Europe (12 million tonnes), while Africa and Oceania generated 2.9 and 0.7 million tonnes respectively.

How many e-waste generated in India?

According to a Central Pollution Control Board report, in financial year 2019-2020, India generated 1,014,961.2 tonnes of e-waste for 21 types of EEE.

Where is e-waste most common?

Europe leads the world in e-waste recycling, collecting, and processing 42.5% of its 2019 e-waste, according to the International Telecommunications Union. Asia, with 24.9 million tons of e-waste, now accounts for almost twice the e-waste volume the Americas (13.13. 1 million tons) produce each year.

Which is the rank of India e-waste?

As per the data provided in Global E-waste Monitor, India ranks third behind USA & China in terms of the total E-waste generated in 2019. China generated over 10.12 Mt of E-waste in 2019, followed by the USA with 6.91 Mt and India with 3.23 Mt.

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Which are the top 3 countries generating e-waste?

NEW DELHI: India is the third largest electronic waste generator in the world after China and the USA and these three countries together contributed 38% of total 53.6 million tonnes (Mt) of e-waste, generated worldwide in 2019.

Which is the largest waste generator of India Chandigarh?

Answer: National capital Delhi tops the list of Indian cities with the maximum waste generation.

Which continent produced the maximum e-waste?

In 2016, Asia was the region that generated by far the largest amount of e-waste (18.2 Mt), followed by Europe (12.3 Mt), the Americas (11.3 Mt), Africa (2.2 Mt), and Oceania (0.7 Mt).

Which state is the highest contributor of e-waste in India West Bengal Andhra Pradesh Maharashtra Karnataka?

In India, Maharashtra contributes the largest e-waste of 19.8% but recycles only about 47,810 TPA (tonnes per annum) whereas as its counterparts Tamil Nadu (13%) recycles about 52,427, Uttar Pradesh (10.1%) recycles about 86,130, West Bengal (9.8%), Delhi (9.5%), Karnataka (8.9%), Gujarat (8.8%) and Madhya Pradesh (7.6 …

What is full form Cbwtf?

Introduction. A Common Bio-medical Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility (CBWTF) is a set up where biomedical waste generated from member health care facilities is imparted necessary treatment to reduce adverse effects that this waste may pose on human health and environment.